Agency, in-house, print, and digital. You name it and I've worked on it in the past decade. Digital design has always been my main focus but I certainly don't shy away from print, environmental or any other projects that I get the chance to work on.

I can blame my entire career in design on the New England Patriots; or more accurately, Pat Patriot. When I was a wide-eyed nine year old the Patriots announced that they were redesigning their logo. That was all I needed to hear. (Turns out, I also needed a stack of post-it notes and a pencil.) After I had exhausted my supplies I sent my countless designs in and waited...and waited. Then I got word back that some of my ideas made it to the next round.

After that I was was hooked on design. Thanks to Pat Patriot I’ve had a great career in design, and the end is nowhere in sight. If you’ve got a project or job you think I can help with, get in touch. For more information on my experience  download my resumé. Super excited to hear from you!