Zipcar brand work

As part of Zipcar's in-house creative team I worked on all manner of projects. While I mainly handled their digital work, I was also called upon to collaborate on print, signage and environmental design. Here are just a few projects from my time at Zipcar..



Cessna digital work

Cessna hadn't updated their website in since the early 2000's and it showed. They didn't have to worry since their wait list went on for years. But after the down term in the economy they had to rethink their strategy. The first step was a ground up rebuild of their website.



Bank of America brand work

Working for Bank of America held a lot of creative opportunities. It was a masterclass in working with a client who had very specific needs. There were also some unique projects to educate and inform their customers.



Memorial Sloan Kettering site

MSK had an interesting problem: how do you build one site to speak to three very different audiences...and make nearly 16,000 pages easy to navigate? It was a big project but all for a great hospital.