An entirely new website begins an update to the entire brand. Including print, digital, environmental redesign.


Cessna website redesign

Key roles: Art direction and design

Cessna had no need to worry about their long out of date website. They had a multi-year waiting list for their planes. But with the economic down turn that list started getting shorter and shorter. It was time for them to rethink their advertising approach, beginning with their website.

With a new look and a strong focus on their Jets which was their main source of income we were able to highlight the luxury of Cessna through all of their product pages. Featuring long scrolling pages with technical information as well as flashy cabin interior photos showing off all the design possibilities for a customers new jet.

After it was completed the website was not only won a Sitecore award but also was credited with the sale of Cessna Citation X a nearly $28 million aircraft.


Digital rich media

Key roles: Art direction and design

With Cessna's more targeted cliental higher end cliental they needed to make their online advertising work hard to meet high standards. One of the ways they did this was by using rich media advertising units. 

These rich media units were targeted at owner operator customers. This subset of customers are not only interested in the creature comforts afforded them in a private plane but also the avionics and flight controls they would need to operate. To this end there was a section of the unit dedicated to the details of the cockpit.

We are talking about private planes here so one must highlight the amenities offered in the main cabin. Featuring high end HD video and audio alongside custom appointed seating and interior design. Cessna has their customers flying in comfort, whether they're in the cockpit or the cabin.


Next project

Working for Bank of America held a lot of creative opportunities. It was a masterclass in working with a client who had very specific needs. There were also some unique projects to educate and inform their customers.