RAD Design is rad. And I’ve been a lucky art director and designer who has worked for some rad clients on very challenging and rewarding projects. I’m currently available for freelance,
contract and full-time work. So if you like what you see here let's get in touch and get to work on something really great.
CHECK OUT SOME EXAMPLES FROM MY PORTFOLIO. ENJOY! Here you’ll find a few samples of projects I’ve worked on over the years. I’ve had the good fortune to work with all kinds of clients from global brands to close friends. I have even more projects to show off. Just send me a note and I'll get them right over to you.
YOU WANT TO SEE MORE?! NO PROBLEM AT ALL. In addition to being a crack designer, I’ve also got some skills behind the lens of a camera. To check out some photographs of my long time obsession, tap the button and get ready for awesomeness!
After exhausting all of my supplies, I sent in every one of my countless designs and waited. And waited. Then I got word back that some of my ideas had made it to the next round! After that I was hooked on design. So thanks to the Patriots, I’ve had a great career in design, and the end is nowhere in sight. Got a project that you want to look wicked RAD? Get in touch. I’m available for freelance, contract, and full-time work.
I can trace my career in design to the New England Patriots. When I was a wide-eyed nine-year old, the Patriots announced that they were redesigning their logo. That was all I needed to hear. I also needed a stack of Post-it notes and a pencil.
GROUCHO MARX If you made it this far, then maybe you believe both. I’ve put a lot of effort into every project you see here and loved nearly every minute of it. So drop me a line. Let’s talk about what you’ve got in mind.
Legal mumbo jumbo All original work is property of Andy Huff the Gentleman Designer, and is crafted by hand with tender love and care. All other work is property of large companies that Andy Huff produced while under contract. All of these companies have well paid legal representation so do yourself a favor and don’t steal it. Also I think we can all agree it’s just down right mean.
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